NDE 2015

25th National Seminar & International Exhibition on


was held at Hyderabad from: November 26 to 28, 2015


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President's Message

Non Destructive Testing & Evaluation - The Light-House for "MAKE IN INDIA" and Fitness for purpose - Establish through Non Destructive Testing & Evaluation


I am pleased that NDE 2015 is awarded to High tech Hyderabad and is aptly being conducted at the High Tech City like 2006. Hyderabad, well known for its culinary skills is also well known in technical circles for its contribution to high end technology in India with defense research laboratories, atomic energy establishments, heavy engineering industries and a host of medical and small industries to support. It is one of the major hubs for IT sector and with the advent of computers in all leading sectors of engineering industries, Hyderabad is one of the jewels in the crown of India.


NDE - 2006 conference was a resounding success with the CM of the State inaugurating the conference in an opulent manner. The conference was attended by around 950 participants and 139 technical papers were presented. The exhibition was a "who is who of NDE industries" of the world. A lot of water has flown under the bridge of NDE / NDT since 2006 with India adding many feathers to its cap in the field of space, nuclear, thermal and petroleum refining sectors.


I am sure that this time too conference will be yet again a resounding success. Slogans of "Zero Defect" and "Make in India" are creating waves and expectations from the Indian technologists are reaching a peak. Let us remember that the world is watching India with awe and inquisitiveness. Let us all put in our best efforts and join ISNT Hyderabad Chapter in realising the dream of multitude of Indians of regaining past glory and making India a super power.


Best wishes & Jai Hind.


V. Pari - President, ISNT

Chairman's Message

We, the fraternity of ISNT Hyderabad Chapter are extremely happy to host the "MEGA EVENT - NDE 2015" at Hyderabad, Telangana.


Hyderabad is known for TECHNOLOGY and HOSPITALITY. This event will be a combination of both. We have selected a wonderful, WORLD CLASS VENUE for this event-The Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC).


I am sure the exhibitors as well as the delegates are going to immensely benefit from this event and thoroughly enjoy the proceedings. We are following our Visionary Prime Minister's slogan for this event i.e., NDE for MAKE IN INDIA. We are expecting a very good participation of delegates and exhibitors from India and abroad and lot of useful deliberations, enhancing of NDE technology and sharing of knowledge during this 3-day technological extravaganza. I seek the cooperation of all of you to make this event a grand success.


I wish all delegates and exhibitors a wonderful opportunity for the exchange of Knowledge and Technology through this NDE- 2015.




P. Mohan - Chairman, NDE-2015

Convener's Message

I, on behalf of Indian Society for Non- Destructive Testing, in particular Hyderabad Chapter cordially invite all national and international practitioners of Non-Destructive Testing, Condition Monitoring Experts, Quality Control and Inspection Professionals, Students, Experts, Technocrats, Manufacturers of NDE Equipment, Production & Maintenance personnel and Medical professionals to NDE- 2015, "A SILVER JUBILEE EVENT" to be held in Hyderabad from 26-28 November, 2015.


This Seminar will be a highly stimulating and provide an interactive platform to explore and exchange the latest ideas and advancements, various challenges and innovations in science and technology of NDT. With your esteemed participation as contributors of technical papers, delegates, exhibitors and sponsors, we are committed to provide an excellent scientific exposure, a technically rich experience and entertaining stay with various social and cultural events.


C. Phani Babu - Convener, NDE-2015




Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE)


Numerous strides have been achieved in concrete nondestructive testing (NDT) over the past decade. Today, NDT has been accepted in the industry as an important and often required aspect of the evaluation process.


The Indian Society for Nondestructive Testing, ISNT is the society for NDT professionals and practitioners. Since inception in 1972, it offers invaluable resources, information and linkages for industrial quality development and professional development to its members. It has 18 chapters all over India and its headquarters are based in Chennai.


ISNT, through its chapters across the country has promoted National Seminars on Non Destructive Evaluation for the Last 24 years and the NDE 2015 will be the 25th seminar. These seminars over the years has provided a platform for the NDE technologists, scientists and professionals to present their original work in the field and also to interact with professionals from all over the world to exchange ideas and knowledge thereby furthering the cause of NDE.


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