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Global Scientific (GS), commenced its business by digitizing scientific graphics for diverse scientific professionals in 2002. Since its inception it has expanded its services to small and medium business enterprises. GS provides its clients strategic economic benefits of an innovative organization based on strong associative relationships between a team of highly competent IT professionals led by M Mohajir as its central binding force and linked closely by an innovative communication system and standardized software solution methodology for client interaction, project architecture, defragmentation, assignments, development, control, assembly, final implementation and debugging.

Armed with its prime resource of skilled professionals Global Scientific is well equipped to deliver the promised solution to its diverse clients in the best possible way at optimum cost.

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with;

High degree of Reliability
Clear Methodology
Very Competitive Prices
Quick Implementation
Clear Understanding of Customer Objectives & requirements
Clear understanding of Our Abilities and Limitations


As a policy Global Scientific has a clear and time tested understanding of its expertise, ability and limitations and does not believe in experimenting at the time and expense of client. Projects are contracted only if GS is 100% sure of its ability to deliver the same to the complete satisfaction of the client.


2.1 - Understanding the Customer Requirement

GS Team will interact with the customer and thoroughly understand their requirements, current IT resources, New Hardware requirements, current EDP skills and desired objective that need to be fulfilled.

2.2 - Solution Designed

Our team then designs a solution based on the client’s requirements, optimization of current IT resources, EDP Skills, business systems and cost-value optimized software tools that are widely supported and easily upgraded. That design is thoroughly analyzed from every angle to ensure that it not only meets the current requirements of the customer but also has the ability to adapt easily to foreseeable subtle changes and dynamics of future.

2.3 - Development Schedule

The approved design forms the basis of the development schedule, which is worked out in detail across a time chart. Each professional of the development team is assigned his fragment of the schedule according to his area of expertise.

2.4 – Project Development

The stages of development are clearly charted out and prototypes are presented to clients for their approvals at each stage in accordance with the time schedule. This process has a built in mechanism for incorporating changes and after-thoughts. The process is repeated at every stage till the project is ready for trial in actual working environment. The trials are conducted with support from the training teams from GS

2.5 – Refining the Project

The feedback from the trials in actual working environment forms the basis of charting the refinements required in the system and the software is modified and becomes fully functional in the clients business environment.

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