NDE-2015 (Hyderabad)

National Seminar on NDE is one of the most important engineering events in India. The conference provides an effective platform for NDE professionals from all over the world to meet and exchange ideas and information of interest to NDE community, including specialists from industry, research institutions and academia. The seminar will attract eminent NDE experts from various national and international industries / institutions. Around 1000 delegates are expected to participate in this seminar.


An International Exhibition of NDE equipments and systems is also arranged concurrently to provide an exposure to latest developments in the field of NDE.

Salient Features of NDE-2015 :

  • Technical Sessions
  • Exhibition
  • Pre Seminar Tutorials
  • Poster Presentations
  • Paper Presentations
  • Cultural Program

Other Aspects of NDE-2015 :

Technical Papers : Approx 250
Poster Presentation : Approx 60


Pre Seminar Tutorials: 24 and 25 November, 2015

a) NDE for MSME
b) Ultrasonic TOFD
c) Digital Radiography



ISNT, is a non profit making professional body of Technologists, Engineers, Scientists, Academicians and Researchers in India.


Since its inception in the year 1972, it has fully matured and established itself at the international level having an indomitable stature and recognition.


Presently ISNT has more than 6600 members spreading over 20 chapters in India. It offers invaluable resources, information and linkages for industrial quality development and professional development to its members.


The objective of the society is to promote the awareness of NDE Science and Technology through education, research and exchange of technical information within the country and internationally to all professionals using NDE.


ISNT is a diverse and dynamic family of professionals representing NDE technicians, scientists, engineers, researchers, manufacturers and academicians, dedicated to product safety and reliability. The ISNT represents every industry and discipline that may benefit from NDE technology.


ISNT has 20 chapters all over the country with head quarters at Chennai. Hyderabad Chapter of ISNT was formed on 21st April 1989.

include, but not Limited to the Following


  • To further the cause of Science and Technology of NDE.
  • To help Indian Industry through results of Research and Development in NDE
  • To organize professional courses / workshops / seminars in various fields of NDE and to create forums where exchange of information & ideas among the NDE practitioners & professionals belonging to other fields in Industry.
  • To promote the use of approved International and National standards in NDE and related area by Indian industry in consultation with the Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • To help in preparation of new Indian standards while updating the old standards in NDE.
  • To co-ordinate with universities, academic institutions and Government bodies for initiating new projects on the development of various NDE techniques.
  • To Interact and co-ordinate with other National associations and NDE societies from other Countries.
  • To conduct training and certification courses in NDE techniques.
  • To propagate the culture of quality, to promote NDE for enhanced production and reliability, and to accelerate the introduction of new NDE methods.
  • To aid Indian industries to compete in the world market and export a diverse range of engineering products of proven quality and standard.



  • NDE personnel, Researchers Academicians, Material & Design Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Welding Professionals, Managers of Engineering establishment, Operation & maintenance personnel, Inspection personnel, Failure Analyst, NDE personnel and Regulatory Authority.

  • Construction Companies / Real Estate Developers

  • Petrochemical Industries, Aerospace Industries

  • Material Handling & Earth moving equipments

  • Engineering Institutes and R&D Organizations

  • Power Generation industries, Consumables & Fabrication

  • Railways, Shipping, Ports, Aviation and Airport developers.

  • Boilers and Pressure Vessel manufacturers, Material processing Industries.

  • Independent Testing Laboratories, Chemical and Admixture Manufactures.

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