25th National Seminar & International Exhibition on


was held at Hyderabad from: November 26 to 28, 2015


Call for Papers to NDE-2015


Papers are invited, under the subtitle "Broad areas and topics", but are also open to other subjects of interest, commensurate to the theme of the conference. Abstracts not more than 250 words should be submitted in a specific format to the Chairman, Technical Committee through website only. Abstracts should clearly bring out the purpose, important results and the outcome of the study. The abstract should contain title of the paper, keywords, the author's name(s) and their affiliation including the mailing address, fax numbers and the email of the corresponding author. It is important to note that the papers are accepted based on the understanding that the author or one of the authors will attend the conference. Guidelines for submission of manuscript for review and the preparation of final paper will be communicated upon the acceptance of the abstract.


Important Dates and Deadlines


Receipt of Abstract Before : 15.10.2015

Intimation of Paper Acceptance Before : 20.10.2015

Full Paper Submission Deadline : 30.10.2015

  • Full paper submission instructions as below:
  • Page limit 6 maximum
  • Send the documents in MS Word format only on Website : http://www.nde2015.com




  • Automobile, Defense, Information Technology,Fabrication, Civil Engineering, Nuclear, Petrochemical, etc.
  • NDE - In Service Inspection
  • Condition Monitoring and Residual Life assessment
  • Digital and Computed Radiography
  • Advances in Ultrasonic, Phased Array, TOFD etc.
  • Advances in NDE methods and its applications
  • Acoustic Emission, Holography, Thermography.
  • Advanced Automation in NDE.
  • Functional and Operational testing, reliability and safety assurance
  • Education, Standardization, Certification and Accreditation
  • NDE Codes and standards, training and certification
  • NDE sensor technology
  • Application of NDE for material characterization.
  • NDE for corrosion damage monitoring
  • Computed Tomography
  • NDE in Biomedical Engineering

Online Paper Abstract submission


The response to Call for Papers Online was Overwhelming. We received more that 250 paper abstracts from scientists and research scholars belonging to diverse organizations. This goes to show the extent of research work being done in the area of Non-Destructive Evaluation and Testing which is extremely encouraging.


Out of the received Research Paper 171 were selected for Author Presentation in Parallel Technical Sessions and 76 were chosen for Poster Presentation by the Technical Committee of the NDE-2015.



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